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Healthy❤️Heart Supplement (1 month Supply)
Healthy❤️Heart Supplement (1 month Supply)
Healthy❤️Heart Supplement (1 month Supply)
Healthy❤️Heart Supplement (1 month Supply)

Healthy❤️Heart Supplement (1 month Supply)

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Healthy❤️Heart “Gummies for your Tummy” is a Natural supplement designed to improve holistic health while boosting the immune system.

**Pre-Order Sunday, November 22nd**

Get rid of those toxins!


Aqua (water), Apple cider vinegar, Ginger root, Aloe vera leaf juice, Turmeric, Organic Apple juice, Organic Honey, Fresh squeezed lemon juice, Sea moss gel, Xanthan gum, Biotin, Vitamin E, cinnamon extract, Monk fruit extract and preservative (potassium sorbate).


-Immune Support Booster
-Appetite Suppressant
-Weight Management
-Skin & Hair Rejuvenation
- Gut control
-Mucus reduction
-Healthy digestion
-Increase Energy
-Healthy Heart balance

(Quantities are limited)


Take 1-2 heart shots twice per day: 1 in the a.m.(morning) and 1 in the p.m. (bedtime). Do not consume more than 6 per 24 hrs.

**60 gummies (1 month supply)**


Recommend to store in cool temperature. (Refrigerate)

Customer Reviews

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Healthy Heart Supplements

These supplements are Great. The texture is soft and chewy, the taste is very good. They absorb very well in the mouth. You can taste the flavor of all the wonderful ingredients. I can feel it working in my digestive system. I really enjoyed. Hopefully in the near future it will help me with weight loss. It's time for me to reorder and just so happens restock is next week🤗🤗

Ana Jaffar
Phenomenal product!!

Glad I was finally able to get two of this amazing product. I’ve heard nothing but great things and I was finally able to try them for myself. I can’t wait to see how they continue to make me feel! Thank you for making them sis! ❤️


I brought these gummies for my 18 yr old little sister and she loves them. I brought her two jars and I'm glad I did. She's shedding the pounds u guys. I think it's suppressing her appetite. She was a little over 200 now she's down in the 170's. Please please do not stop making these. I've been trying to help her lose the weight for years and nothing seemed to help. I wanna say thank you and you're truly appreciated. May God continue to bless you.... Looking forward to the restock.😉

Lecarra Robinson

I love these vitamins they taste great!

Angela Crenshaw
I love these Gummies!

These gummies are very tasty and I love how they smell. I’m not sure if it’s cinnamon or ginger that I smell, but I love it!! I love the texture of these gummies which makes them easy to chew. I haven’t experience all of the benefits yet, but I’ve definitely noticed a decrease in my appetite when I take them first thing in the AM. This may be TMI, but the bathroom don’t stand a chance these days...lol...but I don’t mind it because that is part of gut health! I am grateful for this product and would highly it to others.